Walking Tall at L.A. Fitness

Wow! Amy and I worked L.A. Fitness’ grand opening in East Point today (south side Atlanta). She painted faces for children for 7 freakin’ hours and I walked on stilts for 5. The gig itself wasn’t too bad. Just walk and provide ambience to the visitors and members alike. People got a real kick out of me walking around at 11′ and I feared I might be distracting some of them from their intense work-outs. After my time was up, I had to wait around for Amy to get finished, so I took the opportunity to use the facility. Being new, it was sparkling clean. All the equipment was smooth and beautiful. They have two or more of everything! If I didn’t have a free gym available to me at work, I’d seriously want to join these guys. Not having a contract obligation is the only way I’ll do it, and I believe L.A. Fitness can do this pretty openly. The sales people there were really working it too. I’ve never seen such sincerity and genuine excitement from sales people before. They made everyone feel like a celebrity and it seemed that they knew everyone that walked up to the building. Stellar job! The equipment was really great to use. I haven’t been in a proper gym in a while, so it was just really great to use machines tuned to very specific parts of your body. Their free weights are all branded L.A. Fitness and have an over-sized rubber exterior that makes them bounce when they hit eachother or the ground. I really liked them. They also had four or five racquetball courts lined up against one complete wall. They’re glass-backed, which I’m unaccustomed to, and their floors were too busy for my liking. However, I’m sure it just takes getting used to and I did take 30 minutes to play a guy there. He killed me, though I did get in a few runs that had him working hard. We were both dog-tired afterwards. Me, from the 2 hours of weight lifting and racquetball added to the stilt walking, and her from the 7 hours of being hunched over painting little kids’ faces. That kills the back. The time was long enough to make it real work, yet the venue was fun. Not a bad gig, all in all.

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