Earth’s Oldest Maw Discovered

The Jenolan Caves have been assessed at 340 million years old, trumping all other cave systems by quite a bit. I’ve visited the Carlsbad Caverns before and was truly amazed at that beauty. I cannot imagine what a 340 million year-old system would look like. Robert Holly of the U.S. Department of the Interior said of the caregiver Caverns in 1923,

…I am wholly conscious of the feebleness of my efforts to convey in the deep conflicting emotions, the feeling of fear and awe, and the desire for an inspired understanding of the Divine Creator’s work which presents to the human eye such a complex aggregate of natural wonders…

If he were alive today, he may be able to put together similarly eloquent words for the unimaginable sight at New South Wales. There is a remark on the original article from the University of Sydney indicating the desire for the Jenolan Caves to become a part of the World Heritage Sites list. The Australian Blue Mountains are already on that list, so I don’t know that the caves, which are a part of the mountain range, can be included explicitly. Having seen this list now for the first time, I’ve decided that a life-wish of mine is to visit each of our World Heritage Sites. This would be a great exploration for the Gradin family…and it may take several generations by the looks of it. I just hope it can be done before they disappear forever.

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  1. OK. I’m ready. Where do you want to go first? I vote Argentina and take them all alphabetically. We could have all our family reunions at one of the sites each year or two. Or, better yet, for me, start with the most remote sites and work toward those nearer and more civilized as I’m getting old and only have about 35 or 40 more years of travel before I drop dead. Let’s go!

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