Hooch Wine

The “if-it’s-not-widely-known-it-should-be” site, The Sneeze, delights me with the “Steve, Don’t Eat It!” section. Amy turned me onto this site a year or more ago and this one particular article on prison wine is one of the funniest things ever. I continue to go back and read this from time to time and laugh out loud with each perusal.

It was time for the white. Wine tasters refer to a wine’s aroma as its “nose.” This wine’s nose was a rectum. If this wasn’t wine, I had somehow stumbled upon the recipe for Prison Stink Bombs. Forget about drinking it, I was afraid of getting it on me.

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  1. Way back when I was a parole officer I had a parolee who could (and would) obtain alcohol through canned cleaning products such as Lysol. He said that the trick was using white bread as a filter. He was a lot more fun than the parolee who bit the nipples off of the twelve year old girl.

    I love my current job in IT. Even the most horrid system failures don’t compare to the failures of some of our fellow human beings.

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