Blue Nails

I was supposed to have gone to the gay pride parade in Atlanta to shoot a video for one of the food vendors. A friend asked me to come make a commercial for him while he was there, though we never got our plan straightened out in time. I has told several people at work that I’d be going. I received the requisite jokes as expected, but a general theme got me thinking a little bit. The general theme of jokes was around my being coerced into gay acts by the droves of homosexual men and women. It’s gay pride…okay, but why does being gay also mean that you’re a pervert and an ass? As a heterosexual male, I don’t go around coming onto every living, breathing woman in sight. I guess there’s some truth in the joke, however. There are assholes out there that act that way, and they’re screwing it up for the rest of us (gay and straight, alike). At any rate, I didn’t go to the parade, nor was I likely to be molested by homosexual men. I am, however, going to play a little joke on my carpool buddies this morning. I painted my nails blue Friday night (if you know me, you know this isn’t entirely unusual). I’m going to tell the guys in the carpool that a guy had offered to paint my nails at the parade and I took him up on it. You know, getting in the ‘spirit’ and all. Hehehe!

*UPDATE* It turns out the joke wasn’t funny to anyone but me (and Amy). I had expected some sort of rise, but maybe it was too early in the morning. I don’t know that Carlos caught it as I slipped it into conversation, and I know David didn’t. He noticed later in the gym. So it wasn’t funny and only placed a seed of doubt in their minds regarding my sanity (which is kind of funny). Now I have to tell them they’ve been duped (which Carlos probably already knows from reading this), and it will only prove the point on my sanity. It’s one thing to get made-up while at a pride festival, but it’s quite another to do it “just because.”


  1. The gay jokes are as common as the religious jokes, Puerto Rican jokes or black jokes. Whenever you’re part of a minority or select group you’ll be targetted by those who are not. It would seem that after watching movies like Angels in America the public is more predisposed to believe that gay men and women are more apt to engage in professional sexual services, is that not true? Just asking, because some of these films openly conveyed this and were endorsed by the gay community.

  2. Well I did go to Pride on Saturday. It was great. It was my first experience of that sort. I painted the pride colors on my arm and made a tie-dyed shirt with pride colors as well. When walking to the front gate to the park I stopped and baught a rainbow colored feather boa.
    The greatest part about it was it wasn’t a big deal. It was one of the most freeing experiences I’ve had in 18 years of living.

  3. Well I’ve never seen Angels in America. And in no way can I really speak for the entire gay community. I can only speak from my experience and the people I know.I think people look at it like catholics. Because of a few sick people some just assume that the whole bunch is rotten.It’s sad.

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