Amy got very excited today when Balthazar replied, thoughtfully, to a situation at dinner in sign-language. He’s not deaf, nor is anybody in his family. He just doesn’t talk, so Amy thought we should teach him to communicate some way. Sign-Language is apparently something very young children can pick up, and Balthazar is doing well… Continue reading Untitled

If I Were a Drinker, I’d be Drunk Tonight

Tonight I’m going to Dan S.’s house for a party. All family members are invited, including the children, so I’m bringing Balthazar. It should be fun. Somewhat of a reunion for me, as it’s primarily exCon’s and Separatists (read: former ConAgra Foods Poultry Group and Pilgrim’s Pride employees). These are buddies from a previous job,… Continue reading If I Were a Drinker, I’d be Drunk Tonight

2005 and All’s Well

In spite of the latest horrid events and natural disasters, the new year is here and appears to be sticking around for the moment. The sky over my head is blue and mostly cloudless; certainly a sign of serenity here. We celebrated with Gainesville’s First Night event on the downtown square. The weather has been… Continue reading 2005 and All’s Well

Adam & Eve

Today, for the uninitiated, is Christmas Adam. As many of you know, Adam came before Eve ergo today’s celebration. I’m not sure when in history we collectively decided to end our recognition of the first homo sapiens, but the choice to embrace this *truth and honor it for a day can be made. Since I’ve… Continue reading Adam & Eve

Legacy Services

Has anyone ever thought of setting up a service to exchange email to standard postal mail? It would cost, of course, at least the value of a stamp an envelope. Maybe you could even handle attachments and print them out to go along. I think it’s an interesting service that is needed by a small-ish… Continue reading Legacy Services

Year-Old Birthdays

1yr. birthday parties are fun, despite what you might think about them. They’re more for family and friends than for the babies, of course. As such, it’s a good time to go and see your friends with their babies and catch up on whatever you haven’t caught up on lately. For me, it was a… Continue reading Year-Old Birthdays

Rhythm Downtown

Yet another successful night of drumming on the square in Gainesville. We had a great crowd tonight, and continued to see new people right up until we left. As my friend, David, pointed out, I have been up now for 19 hours. He wasn’t too sure that I’d have the drive to complete a long… Continue reading Rhythm Downtown

The Epitome of Disgusting Males

We traveled out to my mom’s place, Dancing Goat’s Farm, for the day. There we visited with her and my grandmother and her sister. They’re “refugees of Hurricane Ivan” as Gwen (my grand aunt) put it. At any rate, my mom enlightened us to the behavior of a male goat with a field of female… Continue reading The Epitome of Disgusting Males

Zero-G Flights now Departing from Local Airports

Zero-G is the first company to offer a 0-gravity experience to non-astronauts. I don’t know that that is such a good idea, but I’m all for it personally. The company is on a tour where they’ll offer these flights for about $3,000.00 in airports such as L.A., New York, and Atlanta. The package cost gets… Continue reading Zero-G Flights now Departing from Local Airports