Year-Old Birthdays

1yr. birthday parties are fun, despite what you might think about them. They’re more for family and friends than for the babies, of course. As such, it’s a good time to go and see your friends with their babies and catch up on whatever you haven’t caught up on lately. For me, it was a little pre-planning for Halo 2 and the eventual connection between friends in this combative, person-to-person, shooter. It is also a time to see how your children will interact with other kids (or not interact, as the case may be). My friends, Scott and Dea, just recently celebrated Kaleigh’s 1st birthday. Along with Kaleigh were the usual misfits; Balthazar (ours), and Nina (Terenca and Brian). It’s fun to see them get together this early in life because they’re all within close proximity in age. I have one friend within the same state as me that I knew as a baby (not contiguously, but amazing all the same). We’re not as close as we perhaps should be – relationships like that are certainly in short supply.

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