Adam & Eve

Today, for the uninitiated, is Christmas Adam. As many of you know, Adam came before Eve ergo today’s celebration. I’m not sure when in history we collectively decided to end our recognition of the first homo sapiens, but the choice to embrace this *truth and honor it for a day can be made.

Since I’ve begun my own family, it is our tradition to celebrate this day with my mom. When I was living at home with her, we always opened one gift on Christmas Adam. I can’t seem to recall whether we opened another gift or all of our gifts on Christmas Eve. The stockings, however, were always ready Christmas morning. My mom filled ours with small gifts like chapstick and assorted edibles such as Jolly-Ranchers, nuts, and an orange. The orange hung heavy at the toe of the stocking and made a knowing bulge that announced the relative “fullness” of our stockings. If it were a particularly good year, the stocking may be laying on the ground with which it collided in the night.

*truth: though I don’t take much stock in biblical ‘truths,’ I can afford giving names to the first of mankind’s current evolutionary step. ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ are as good as any other, I suppose.

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