Email the Homeless

A homeless man wrote to me the other day to comment on my site. I find this particularly odd that the homeless guy has email *and* browses the web in a non-utilitarian fashion. This particular homeless person knows me and my family, but it brings to light some interesting ideas to me. If someone can walk into a public place offering free Internet access, then that someone can have one of many free email accounts and browse the web in a completely different life. That’s pretty awesome. Of course, they do have to have the wherewithall to do such a thing, and that isn’t real common in the common-class homeless. The guy I know isn’t technically homeless because he could have a home if he chose to deal with some rather unpleasant consequences. But he’s not got a home for now, and that counts as homeless to me. Actually, I know someone else that is homeless too. He’s probably out there cruising the Internet right now livin’ large with a GMail account. I’ll have to buy him a danish sometime and get his email address. If you have a question you’d like to ask a homeless person, let me know and I’ll pass it into the network.

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