Bonus Room

I have a friend who’s completing a *bonus* room in his house. I’m not too sure about the bonus part, as he pretty much has to do all the work. It’s a neat concept though. I guess I kind of want the bonus house. That would give me ample time to experiment with the design issues of building and construction on that scale. At any rate, Drew T. is doing this because he and his wife are expecting a baby any time. The idea is to relocate the computer room into the bonus room. As a result several of us guys are learning the finess of whiteboard and fiberglass (scratch, scratch, cough). I will mention that Sean W. is lame and can’t commit. Thanks for all the help to everyone else (with some cynicism to Scott “doesn’t do fiberglass” M.).

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  1. Yeah yeah… I know. I suck. 😛

    I forgot I was going to be at my friend Chad’s to watch the UGA game at noon, then we were doing abig bon-fire thing that night.

    And you know me and phones… we just don’t get along. My phone and I had an argument, so I said, “Fine. You don’t get to go to the bon-fire. You can stay right there on your charger and think about what you’ve done.”


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