Drumming in Gainesville (Cont.)

I’m just getting home from our session on the square this evening. Balthazar (who’s 1.5 years old as of this writing), insisted on staying up the entire time. Last time he fell out after a couple of hours. This time he remained pretty lively – though walking like a drunk – and he played drums… Continue reading Drumming in Gainesville (Cont.)

Dragon*Con – Saturday

Our first day at Dragon*Con was pretty good. It feels a little different having a baby with grandma while we’re out. We hope to have him along by this time next year, but he probably won’t be interested in spending the week just yet. We’re heading back tomorrow late in the afternoon. We have to… Continue reading Dragon*Con – Saturday

Pictures are Good, Video Better

Playing around today at Celestial Studios, I got some great pictures of Balthazar. It was pretty much perfect weather, so we had a blast in and outdoors. I forget about this feature often, but check out the video Amy made of Balthazar’s new trick.  more… This clip requires RealPlayer 10