Long Goodbye’s

Today my car was violated. As I drove soberly through inconsistent traffic in Gainesville, I noticed the 4 or 5-car pile-up that caused all the congestion. Continuing only 30 feet or so beyond the sad wrecks, I was greeted by screaching breaks and a solid thud into my trunk. The lady driving a Grand Jeep… Continue reading Long Goodbye’s

Hiding Spot #104

My wife, Amy, called today in a panic asking, “did you take off Balthazar’s shoes last night…where are they?” I realized that shoes would still be in my car, where he took them off himself yesterday evening. The problem is that all of Balthazar’s shoes went missing yesterday or the day before, and the only… Continue reading Hiding Spot #104

Atlanta Killings Make BIG News

Brian Nichols escaped from a courthouse today in Fulton County, having shot and killed the judge, court reporter, and possibly a sheriff’s deputy. I’m guessing by his shocking departure that he’s guilty. He also took the time to pistol-whip an AJC reporter while hijacking a vehicle. I’m shocked that this sort of thing could even… Continue reading Atlanta Killings Make BIG News

Where the Sidewalk Ends

I was driving back to work from lunch today when I had a near-miss with an invincible jogger in the road. I’m guessing he was invincible because he didn’t even quaver at the approach of my car’s awesome kinetic energy. It’s an American luxury sedan, so it has considerable mass. It got me thinking about… Continue reading Where the Sidewalk Ends

Car Shopping…Again

I do this periodically just in case my car should fail miserably one day, which it should any day. I currently have a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville with 196k miles on it. That’s pretty good for an American car, even if it is a luxury sedan. I’m really excited by the Mazda3, 5-door. On the same… Continue reading Car Shopping…Again

There and Back Again…and There Again

So I get into work this morning at 10-till-7:00am. This would give me plenty of time to work-out and take a shower before I start my day out. Everything is going as planned until I open the rear, driver-side door to get my gym bag. There on my rear, passenger-side seat sits the baby’s car… Continue reading There and Back Again…and There Again

Commuter Blues

For those of you who commute, this is an all too familiar problem to you. It took me slightly more than two hours to get to work this morning. This is ridiculous, perhaps not to some, but to me. It’s only thirty-seven miles from my doorstep to my chair, and it takes between one and… Continue reading Commuter Blues