Atlanta Killings Make BIG News

Brian Nichols escaped from a courthouse today in Fulton County, having shot and killed the judge, court reporter, and possibly a sheriff’s deputy. I’m guessing by his shocking departure that he’s guilty. He also took the time to pistol-whip an AJC reporter while hijacking a vehicle. I’m shocked that this sort of thing could even happen, especially during a rape trial. I would think that everyone would be on their toes when dealing with criminals of this caliber on a day-to-day basis. I’m very sorry that people have lost their lives in the line of duty related to this incident. We can only hope that the deputy will persevere.

FOX News Link

**UPDATE** They’ve made positive identification of Nichols driving in a green Honda Accord (GA Tag, 6584YN). That, in and of itself, isn’t interesting. What’s cool is that every traffic sign in Atlanta has this information posted. With our redneck populous (and aggressive driver index), this guy will be run off the road in no time.

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