Omnifi is Here!

I got my Omnifi bundle today from I was so eager to get into it that I immediately opened the box and grabbed the documentation to begin reading. I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to play with the parts until much later, so I figured this would satisfy me. This thing is cool! By now, I’ve completely setup the home stereo portion (DMS1) and nicely hidden all the cables. I played with the video out, but ultimately I don’t have any spare video inputs on my TV for this. It’s unfortunate, but I have crappy entertainment products (think same stereo/speakers/TV since high school). Regardless of the nice video-out option, the SBL (Sexy Blue Light) technology provides an adequate display to shuffle through songs. I read somewhere that it can be increased to 8 lines, but maybe that was my misunderstanding. I’ve also just finished synchronizing the 20GB hard drive unit for the car, but I haven’t even begun to install that part (DMP1). That’s the most important part in all of this. As I discovered from the literature, there’s a cool service associated with all of this too. You get a 90-day trial with your purchase (which I think rather generous), before you’re prompted to buy the service for $49.99/year. I could potentially get a lot of use out of it, so I’m going to consider it. It’s effectively like getting a satellite radio, but it’s Internet-based and potentially more flexible. Surely it’s more diverse. I hope to begin the car installation task tomorrow, but it could be as late as Sunday. I have to get this done by Monday for the commute!

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