Long Goodbye’s

Today my car was violated. As I drove soberly through inconsistent traffic in Gainesville, I noticed the 4 or 5-car pile-up that caused all the congestion. Continuing only 30 feet or so beyond the sad wrecks, I was greeted by screaching breaks and a solid thud into my trunk. The lady driving a Grand Jeep Cherokee behind me was more interested in watching the accident than preventing her own. To cap it off nicely, a smaller Honda rear-ended her moving at what, I guess, was a good clip. That car was destroyed in the accident. My trunk no longer opens, and my 11-year-old car with 200,000+ miles on it will probably just get totaled by the insurance company. I have mixed emotions about the possible loss of Bonny, my ’94 Pontiac Bonneville. I had rather hoped I would be able to last with it until some rust spots began to show up on the body. No such luck, I guess. Oh, and tomorrow morning it’s my turn to drive in the car pool. Sorry about my lack of trunkage guys!


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