X + Y = Bar Brawl

I’ve spent that last two nights (Friday and Saturday night) playing Fable and Halo2 into the wee hours of the morning. I play on XBOX’s Live service, so there’s a collection of friends I can call upon to game with. It’s addictive sport, if not for the game itself, then the peculiar human interaction within the Live service. It’s mostly adolescent teenagers, around 13, and us; the X Generation trying to school the Y’s. For the most part, the Y Generation can kick our collective butts, but we do have a few redeeming members.

Because of my position within the house, and the meager size of it in general, I can’t be too boistrous in my retaliative communique with fellow team and opposing team members. I only play late at night, and I’d be sorry if I woke Amy or Balthazar. As it is, my insults and emissions of bravado are reserved for just the right moments when all others are silent. Which, by the way, is rare. I regularly play with a group – most of which are in eastern Canada – that consists of several people my age and a couple younger kids about half our age. The younger kids often talk in stream of consciousness. It should be annoying, but I find it pretty funny. When you finish a game, you’re dumped off in a stat screen where everyone can review their skillz and issue forth the smack-talk. It’s hilarious when everyone attacks eachother all at once. X Gen’s using their big words and old school insults against the deaf ears of Y Genner’s. We’re really just old dorks, no matter how good the insults are. Good times.

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