Raven Wasp Whisperer

Raven, my shaggy black dog, is an incredible wasp slayer. When she was younger, she attacked a low-flying wasp only to feel its revenge in her mouth. She shook her head vigorously for a long time, and drooled profusely. I’ve been stung by a wasp before, but I can’t imagine that feeling on my tongue. Since that fateful day, she’s never been stung by a wasp. No, I find severed wasp corpses beneath her muzzle constantly though. It’s impressive the cool ferocity she attacks them with. She’ll follow one around the house – or sheesh, the yard even – and wait for her chance. inevitably, the wasp will succumb to her stares and fly within snapping-range of her open mouth. The drooling commences and Raven thrashes at the air rapidly. With each snap or her jaws, you can hear teeth click and a subtle snorting noise. I’m not sure what the snorting noise is, but the teeth clicking seem to be pretty effective. Generally, she’ll snap a wasp in half within a few quick head thrashes – without incident. The way I figure it, she was pretty emotionally struck by the incident when she was younger. Since then, she’s got a genocidal vengeance for the wasp kind. No blood-rage glances at bees, flies, or moths – just wasps.

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