Reminiscing Illness of Yonder Years

When I was in grammar school and sick, my mom would set me up with a bunch of Bob Hope “Road to…” shows or some Abbott and Costello films to keep me entertained throughout the day. I also enjoyed the taste of Saltines, chicken soup, and lemon-lime Gatorade. To this day, I’m mostly unwilling to drink lemon-lime Gatorade because it makes me think I’m sick. Funny that none of the other items mentioned effect me that way.

Today, I’m at home sick with some sort of incredible head congestion. It’s not that I’m unable to function in my role at work, I just can’t stand to be around people when I’m sick. I’m anti-social. Instead of the old remedies that my mom gave me, I’m enjoying coffee, cereal, more coffee, and I’ll be watching the new Dr. Who series after a bit. I have the whole house to myself, which is unusual, and I’ve spent the morning thus far sitting in front of a window watching birds at my bird feeder. I’ve needed a restful day like this for some time.

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