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The Portrait of the Inventor Rational

“Found in two percent (at most) of the population, Inventors are good at functional analysis, and have both a tolerance for and enjoyment of complex problems.” That’s an interesting piece of information, and it apparently describes me. I took the Jung Typology Test as recommended by Darren Barefoot. He speaks…Continue Reading

Welcome to Summer!

While I slept last night, summer crept out onto the lawn and deposited itself. I found it this morning, smothering everything in sight in a moist haze. She’s a sneaky glutton, but we always know she’s coming. Now summer is here and things can start to really warm up. May…Continue Reading

Gainesville Related to Mayberry

Katie Couric interviews ‘runaway bride’ – TV News – Fast Eddie points out the Runaway Bride’s story as broken by Katie Couric. I’m not sure if the interview was tonight or sometime later this week, but I probably won’t see it. I’m only interested in the story so that…Continue Reading

Something Wick├Ęd this Way Comes…

In a particularly sinister plan led by one North American Hornet Saturday, my assassination was attempted in vain. I was minding my own business and mowing the lawn when a humming bird-sized hornet leapt from hiding and sniped me. Fortunately, my ninja reflexes allowed my life to be spared and…Continue Reading

Happy Father’s Day (cont.)

When I finally got around to a time that I could possibly finish up this post, it was too late. Father’s Day turned out to be exhausting. I did get to play a video game for about 20 minutes. Balthazar and I played “Knights of the Old Republic” on the…Continue Reading

Happy Father’s Day

What does a dad do on Father’s Day? My first inclination was to shirk all responsiblity and play games all day. I’m thinking that this is in stark contrast to the role of “father,” so how could I spend “Father’s Day” as a bachelor? So I spend the day as…Continue Reading

Migratory Blog Patterns

I am preparing to move my blog to a WordPress-based system. I’m very comfortable in WordPress, and I’m very comfortable in I’m very uncomfortable with migrating the site from one to another. I did this a long time ago with pretty good success, but now I have HaloScan comments…Continue Reading

Flickr Group: Pisa Pushers

BoingBoing shows us Flickr’s latest ingenious group, “Pisa Pushers.” I didn’t realize that so many pictures were taken with the optical illusion in mind of monkeying with the Leaning Tower. When I first looked through these, I decided I would ensure that I never do this when visiting the Tower.…Continue Reading Error

pingomatic is showing us it’s frilly panties. You rarely see errors so severe as this in a major site like theirs. I wonder if they got h4xx0r3d.