DiY PC: Antec Nine Hundred (Case)

I’m in the process of building out a new custom PC for the house – the first one in quite a while now. Contrary to what you might think, as a technology guy I’m usually a little late for getting things up-to-date around the house. As such, I’m replacing an old Intellistation dual-proc Pentium 3… Continue reading DiY PC: Antec Nine Hundred (Case)

Flickr Group: Pisa Pushers

BoingBoing shows us Flickr’s latest ingenious group, “Pisa Pushers.” I didn’t realize that so many pictures were taken with the optical illusion in mind of monkeying with the Leaning Tower. When I first looked through these, I decided I would ensure that I never do this when visiting the Tower. By the time I finished… Continue reading Flickr Group: Pisa Pushers