Happy Father’s Day

What does a dad do on Father’s Day? My first inclination was to shirk all responsiblity and play games all day. I’m thinking that this is in stark contrast to the role of “father,” so how could I spend “Father’s Day” as a bachelor? So I spend the day as super-dad instead. So far, I’ve gotten up early this morning with Balthazar and made cherry pancakes for breakfast. It turns out Balthazar is not all that crazy about cherries. We watched cartoons until mommy woke up, and I cleaned the trash up that Yang tracked around in the night. We’re going out shortly now to wash Yang and splash around in the water. Amy said she’d wash my car for me. That’s cool. She always does a good job of it. The guys in the carpool have been telling me to get my car washed for a week now. I’ll recap tonight with the results of my day. Until then, Happy Father’s Day!

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