Happy Father’s Day (cont.)

Staged...When I finally got around to a time that I could possibly finish up this post, it was too late. Father’s Day turned out to be exhausting. I did get to play a video game for about 20 minutes. Balthazar and I played “Knights of the Old Republic” on the XBOX – well, Balthazar played with a controller next to me that I had unplugged. I don’t know if he was just fascinated with the whole deal, or just liked mimicing me. He grew restless at a good point to turn it off, so that worked out well. We played while sitting in two really cool media chairs Amy bought for me. They’re the type that are shaped like bannanas and rock directly on the floor. They’re great for playing games in, though they’d need to be balanced differently to actually go to sleep in. Amy did get my car washed and did a great job. Carlos notcied first thing this morning that it had been done. I was concerned about the first application of Amourall on the interior, but the car seemed to take it just fine. No streaking or unnecessarily slippery surfaces. Balthazar napped as Amy washed the car, so I decided to work on her website as much as possible. I haven’t gotten much done on it until now, so it was needed. Afterwards, we went over to Amy’s parent’s house and had dinner with her family (Allison, her sister, came too) and my mom. I know Amy would have preferred going out to eat, but I actually enjoyed the home-cooked meal better. Eating at home – especially with all the family – lets everybody relax a little more, Balthazar gets to run around and play, and the food is plentiful and good (I had two helpings myself). We took Balthazar down to the lake to wade a bit. Amy bought him some new aqua shoes which he had to break in. After dinner, Balthazar and I walked back down to the lake to throw rocks from the cliff. We did that until my arm was fatigued. So what did I learn from this Father’s Day? Nothing incredibly new, I suppose. I still enjoy spending time with the families. I can still skip rocks really well. I can eat a lot of potato salad. In the end, Father’s Day is just another day. The difference is that my choice of things to do really determines whether or not I’m being revered as a father, or just a guy on a special day. I wonder what my dad did on Father’s Day?

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