The Portrait of the Inventor Rational

“Found in two percent (at most) of the population, Inventors are good at functional analysis, and have both a tolerance for and enjoyment of complex problems.”

That’s an interesting piece of information, and it apparently describes me. I took the Jung Typology Test as recommended by Darren Barefoot. He speaks of them as being accurate, though I might mention that they’re only as accurate as you want them to be. It may be interesting to have someone else (your significant other or a parent, for instance) take the quiz and average the results. What goes on within our heads could be very different internally. To a degree, you can (and do) choose how you will be perceived externally. For example: Internally, I am very empathic and can generally grasp someone’s real intent with minimal concentration. Externally however, I choose not to react to such notions. I choose to ignore certain emotions coming and going. That can make me look like a robot externally, though it’s not necessarily the truth.

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