Pandora’s Jukebox

The name Pandora means “all gifted” in Greek. In ancient Greek mythology, Pandora received many gifts from the Gods, including the gift of music, from Apollo. She was also, as we all know, insatiably curious. Unlike those Gods of old, however, we celebrate that virtue and have made it our mission to reward the musically… Continue reading Pandora’s Jukebox

Bullseye: Deep Impact Slams Into Comet

The Deep Impact project was a complete success. One might think it an easy task to send a bullet the size of a little European auto into a wall the size of Manhattan (at about 100x faster than a standard bullet), but I’m guessing the logistics are a bit more taxing. Anyone doing any missle… Continue reading Bullseye: Deep Impact Slams Into Comet

The Portrait of the Inventor Rational

“Found in two percent (at most) of the population, Inventors are good at functional analysis, and have both a tolerance for and enjoyment of complex problems.” That’s an interesting piece of information, and it apparently describes me. I took the Jung Typology Test as recommended by Darren Barefoot. He speaks of them as being accurate,… Continue reading The Portrait of the Inventor Rational

A Considerate Computer

Microsoft Research tells us about some intelligent software able to make decisions on availability versus message importance. The workforce potentially loses lots of productive time attending to unimportant emails. Worse still, unimportant messages can cut into personal time. This system is designed to do the human part of risk analysis in order to determine whether… Continue reading A Considerate Computer