Gainesville Related to Mayberry

Katie Couric interviews ‘runaway bride’ – TV News –

Fast Eddie points out the Runaway Bride’s story as broken by Katie Couric. I’m not sure if the interview was tonight or sometime later this week, but I probably won’t see it. I’m only interested in the story so that I can talk intelligently at the proverbial ‘water-cooler’ at work. I’m not usually up on the news, as I don’t take an interest in it. This story, however, is a little unusual in that this woman lived in Gainesville and even went to my high school. I never knew her personally, but my wife remembers her. Amy’s sister remembers her pretty well, and she doesn’t remember her eyes as being outside of their sockets. Times change a person, I suppose.

So it’s pretty funny that the MSNBC story refers to Gainesville as a ‘Mayberry.’ I’ve lived in one-horse towns, and this is not one. Gainesville is comparable to Gwinnett in many ways. We have a Starbucks – that counts for something, I think.

“Her story starts in Gainesville, Georgia, a town that could have doubled as the set for Andy Griffith’s Mayberry, about an hour’s drive from Atlanta.”


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