Chewbacca 2007 Calendars for Sale

My wife’s wookie calendars are on sale through eBay just in time for the holidays (and the new year). I played the wookie, so I can recommend them for their charismatic character. If you’re a Star Wars fan (or a fan of 6′ 6″ red heads in wookie costumes), you should head over and buy… Continue reading Chewbacca 2007 Calendars for Sale

Monster House, A Review

We took Balthazar to see “Monster House” this past weekend. He really enjoys watching movies, so when there’s something appropriate on for his attention span, we love to take him. This time was a little different. He’s been watching the previews on TV and specifically requested “Monster House.” We were so impressed that he made… Continue reading Monster House, A Review

Blackberry Friends

Don’t you miss the days when your friends were as close as a boy and his blackberry? Those long summer days when you sought out your squishy compadres for their bulbous, inky selves. I sure do. Seeing Balthazar these days really makes me reminescent. … What the $@#%!?! Why does this kid befriend a blackberry?… Continue reading Blackberry Friends

The Heat is Here

Summer has officially landed and to mark the event, the Sun moved 1 million miles closer to Earth. I can tell because how damned hot it’s been lately. If this is any sign of what’s to come by August, nothing green will survive. My lawn is already crispy and brown.

The Fall of Summer

Summer has officially ended and Fall begins today (roughly). I’ve noticed some change in the leaves, but I couldn’t be certain it wasn’t just the dry climate as of late. As it turns out, it was just timely preparation for the end of the growing season. Enter my favorite season and some cooler weather.

Welcome to Summer!

While I slept last night, summer crept out onto the lawn and deposited itself. I found it this morning, smothering everything in sight in a moist haze. She’s a sneaky glutton, but we always know she’s coming. Now summer is here and things can start to really warm up. May your longest day be spent… Continue reading Welcome to Summer!

FireFox: 1, IE 7: -1

Internet Explorer 7 will be releasing sometime this summer (as currently planned) to retrofit a browser losing popularity in the latest war. FireFox has gained an unimaginable 10%+ of the market in a very short period of time. I, myself, have been swayed to gear my development efforts towards FireFox’s support model. From what Dean… Continue reading FireFox: 1, IE 7: -1

Spring is Nigh!

From what I’m reading, spring starts earlier now. I missed this fact growing up – perhaps no one cared enough to tell me. But tells us (scientifically) that spring starts no later than March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere. In fact, it actually starts on March 19th for all but the eastern states. There’s… Continue reading Spring is Nigh!