FireFox: 1, IE 7: -1

Internet Explorer 7 will be releasing sometime this summer (as currently planned) to retrofit a browser losing popularity in the latest war. FireFox has gained an unimaginable 10%+ of the market in a very short period of time. I, myself, have been swayed to gear my development efforts towards FireFox’s support model. From what Dean Edwards tells us in his view of the project, IE 7 is going to fall flat on its ass. I’m actually hoping that they do better than the current expectation to help drive the consortium’s efforts, but it looks bad. I’ve said it before, but now it has an authoritative voice:

This is an embarrassing knee-jerk reaction to the rising popularity of Firefox

Dean, you are such the man for nailing this one on the head. Thanks for an eye into your inner sanctum.

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