It's like family, only weirder…

Drumming in Gainesville (Cont.)

I’m just getting home from our session on the square this evening. Balthazar (who’s 1.5 years old as of this writing), insisted on staying up the entire time. Last time he fell out after a couple of hours. This time he remained pretty lively – though walking like a drunk…Continue Reading

Bathroom Etiquette

This should probably be a meme if it isn’t already (note to self…). I have a list of things I would like to post in regards to bathroom etiquette. Please follow these simple guidelines when in my presence. *Do NOT* talk to me whilst I piddle or poo. Talking to…Continue Reading

Dragon*Con – Sunday

We finally returned home this morning around 4:00am. I don’t remember the last time I was out that late – probably when I was in school. We had a killer time. The masquerade was, as always, better than last year’s. The costumers continue to better themselves and put together amazing…Continue Reading

A Chat with Microsoft

Today I sat with Julius B., a SQL guru with Microsoft, and discussed the implications of the OpenSource movement with him. This is an interesting conversation to have with a Microsoft goon, but a good one nonetheless. His take on OpenSource was familiar; that without corporate backing and support, there…Continue Reading

365 Dumps

“It’s been a long time since my output has risen above sea level. This is the benchmark for me” This is probably one of the funnier blogs I’ve seen as of late. When you blog your daily movement, it seems like we’re all just full of crap.

DoJ Probes for Pirates

“‘The execution of today’s warrants disrupted an extensive peer-to-peer network suspected of enabling users to traffic illegally in music, films, software and published works,’ Attorney General John Ashcroft said in a statement. ‘The Department of Justice is committed to enforcing intellectual property laws, and we will pursue those who steal…Continue Reading

Praying Mantis

I find mantids throughout the garden this time of year. I found a particularly large one recently (see photo). They’re fascinating – I think they’re the only insect that can move their head independently from their body. I’m compelled to watch them closely, yet I succumb to spasmodic, violent thrashing…Continue Reading

Child Pimp and Ho Costumes

This is probably one of the more unsettling things I’ve seen lately (with the exception of goatse, of course). A friend of mine, Ron, pointed the site out to me. I’m sort of wondering why he was shopping here, but to each his own. I have an idea of who…Continue Reading

Noise Ordinance

Hall County Noise Ordinance: “B. Radios, phonographs, similar devices. The using of, operating of, or permitting to be played, used or operated, any radio receiving set, musical instrument, phonograph or other machine or device for any producing or reproducing of sound in a manner as to disturb the peace, quiet…Continue Reading