Dragon*Con – Sunday

We finally returned home this morning around 4:00am. I don’t remember the last time I was out that late – probably when I was in school. We had a killer time. The masquerade was, as always, better than last year’s. The costumers continue to better themselves and put together amazing works. We’re wondering what happens to those costumes after the con. I guess that these groups will go on tour around the country to try and recover the money spent in designing them. Just before masquerade, we dined with 20 Jedi’s in the Hilton. Amy made a picture, but it didn’t turn out well at all. Must have been something in the Force. Following masquerade, we joined in on the drum circle being held at the Hilton. That was where we were until after 3:00am. Our hands are severely bruised, which is actually an accomplishment for me now; my hands have finally gotten used to the abuse. There were some great [belly] dancers there, and some not-so-great. You know who you are. There were some excellent drummers there too. I didn’t get the name of one notable guy, but he apparently has played for P-Funk. The guy I did get the name of was Akbhar [sp?]. He was a traditional Turkish or Arabic drummer with a small doumbek. Perhaps a darbouka, but I’m not really sure how that naming thing goes. While the pros always got the rythym to blinding velocity, Akbhar maintained a smooth melody that people could dance to. I hung out with him. Meanwhile, dancers in the middle thrashed about in a semi-peaceful way. The guys were generally the most spastic. Thanks for the entertainment everyone! While we won’t be attending the show today, we’ve pre-registered for next year. See you then…

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