I’m Batman!

Superhero’s (and Dora the Explorer) assembled last night for autographs and pictures with the kids – or their parents in some cases. Dora’s appearance in the gig was a little out of place, though not ignored by the children. Most of them were probably there to see her more than any of us. Besides, I… Continue reading I’m Batman!

Yet Another Way to Strike Fear into Evil-Doers

Via Engadget: German robocops to police next World Cup? “…the almost four-foot tall robot uses a thermal camera and sensors to smell the terror in the air and sound an alarm.” If you can get some rubber bullet-firing machine guns mounted to this thing, we’re in business for real crowd control. Mindless riot-squashing robots care… Continue reading Yet Another Way to Strike Fear into Evil-Doers


Amy got very excited today when Balthazar replied, thoughtfully, to a situation at dinner in sign-language. He’s not deaf, nor is anybody in his family. He just doesn’t talk, so Amy thought we should teach him to communicate some way. Sign-Language is apparently something very young children can pick up, and Balthazar is doing well… Continue reading Untitled

The Big Olaf

Speaking of childhood memories…is anyone reading this in the San Diego, CA area? When I lived there – well before Balboa Park was coined “Pedophile Park” – there was a cool ice cream shack on the beach. I don’t remember the name of the place, but they had “The Big Olaf.” It was a waffle… Continue reading The Big Olaf

Childhood Memories

Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins were the kings of their sweet goodies when I was young. In the late 90’s, Baskin Robins seemed to pretty much vanish. I don’t even think any of the stores I visited at that time had 31 flavors anymore. Later, Brewster’s and Marble Slab showed up to dominate the commercial… Continue reading Childhood Memories

Magnetic Poetry – Anthology Online

Sometime ago, I submitted a magnetic poem online. A magnetic poem is basically any poem which you have created entirely using Magnetic Poetry. There are plenty of sets to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any issue finding the right words. Magnetic Poetry – Anthology Online: “Thick slick smile seeps slowly from the sea some… Continue reading Magnetic Poetry – Anthology Online