I’m Batman!

Superhero’s (and Dora the Explorer) assembled last night for autographs and pictures with the kids – or their parents in some cases. Dora’s appearance in the gig was a little out of place, though not ignored by the children. Most of them were probably there to see her more than any of us. Besides, I was a little ominous and scary to the younger ones. I tried to remain stoic, though I broke a smile to kids that looked nervous around me. There were several screamers and a few that frantically fought their parents to get away from me. That was fun, in an Arkham Asylum kind of way. I told the kids that threy grew big bats in Gotham City. Wonder Woman also made an appearance at the show. A good one at that. She was pretty popular with the kids – and their dads. As far as costumes go, she probably had the easiest, or at least the coolest. Spiderman was completely encased within his suit. It may not have been so bad as it could breath fairly well. The Batman suit is completely rubber with a nylon-spandex liner. I thought spiders were crawling on my neck because sweat continued to pour down my head. The nose continued to fill with sweat too. When it filled, it would simply empty onto my upper-lip. I thought I had a bloody nose at times, but thankfully it was only sweat. I never felt particularly hot, but the costume certainly induced sweat. I haven’t posted pictures yet, but I’ll update this post to include the link when I do.

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