Minimum Wage Help

At Starbucks in Gainesville, the staff can be a bit dim at times. I routinely go through the drive-through only to try and convey to them that I have a mug and would like it filled with coffee. I realize that I’ll just have to drive up to the window anyway, but if I don’t talk to them on the mic and drive up automatically, they pretend I’m not there. So we get to the window this evening and order a strawberry something-or-the-other and I add that I have a mug I’d like to fill up as well. We arrive at the window and I give them my mug. She hands us both a sample of the strawberry drink that we ordered (odd, I think). She then hands me back my mug with whipped cream visible from it’s open top. I think, “strange, she put whipped cream on my coffee.” But no, she put the strawberry thingy entirely in my coffee mug. I then get handed a regular cup of hot coffee. Now that’s really bazarr. Now Amy has to drink her cold strawberry drink out of my coffee-stained mug and I get the paper cup with boiling coffee in it. Dorks!

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