Atlanta Flickr Group: Celestial Studios

The Atlanta Flickr Group attended an informal studio lighting seminar my wife put on at her studio in Gainesville, Celestial Studios. Thank you to everyone that was able to come to that. I think it went quite well and gave something to everyone to play with in the future. I’d love it if the group could continue to find and put together events like this. Even if you know *everything*, these little seminars can reveal new secrets.

I’m falling asleep (something you may have noticed I do a lot while writing here), so I’m going to have to continue this tomorrow.

*UPDATED* I’m back. Awake, though looking forward to a coffee run shortly. Last night’s event taught me that there are many subjects on which workshops can be formed in photography. Even if you don’t particularly know everything about photography, your experience in something can be very helpful to others. Since nothing is so hard-edged in the instruction of photography, it’s great to take-in others’ wisdom and work it into your own.

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