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BoingBoing Tidbits

BoingBoing was particularly informative yesterday. I learned of the Lapjuicer, a chair designed for lapdancers to make juice. I found the invention completely vile, but found myself wondering if there was really a request for that in the community. I haven’t asked anybody yet, but you can let me know if you have a fancy for freshly squeezed lap juice . On the other side of appropriate, I saw a page showing contest winners from a beauty pageant of some sort. The contest was judged from a picture alone, and the little girls were to appear “angelic.” In the rules, it distinctly states that “[para] photos should be professionaly done, but not overly-retouched.” Based on the winners’ pictures, I cannot imagine what an overly-retouched picture would look like. I guess these are all natural, because they’re winners. I’ll let you be the judge.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh, the juicer thing is foul! Thank you for posting just that picture and not the other one.

    About the angelic pic–is that really a child?

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