MadLib Biographies: Longhand

This morning, I opened a letter from my mom – snail mail, not email. It’s unusual to get personal letters when there are no holidays or birthdays in sight, so I was a little apprehensive of this one. As I unfolded the sheets of paper from the envelop, I could see that what I had was a print out of a page from my site with my mom’s handwriting on them. I then feared that she had stumbled across something grossly incorrect or offensive and she couldn’t bring herself to do anything other than print it out and scrawl her dissappointments upon it. As it turns out, the page was from a chain letter meme-thingy I posted a while back. Rather than posting a comment with the answers, my mother printed the page out and proceeded to write her answers on it. She then mailed it to me for my enjoyment. I haven’t even read it yet, but I will as soon as I get over the bizarro-world reality that it is. What this tells me is that my mom, while able to see my site from work, was not able to post comments. I know she can’t contribute to the blog from there – they have a block on the site that services this site. Perhaps they’re blocking as well! What a conspiracy. The hospital, Northeast Georgia Medical Center, is apparently concerned with their public image, though not enough to actually do anything about it. They just don’t want their employees talking about them. And they can’t do that if you block them from blogging services. Ha!

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