The Asian Cultural Experience

Today the family traveled out to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for the Asian Cultural Experience. It was a really cool adventure as expected. I only learned about the event through a Flickr group I’m a member of, the Atlanta Flickr Group. Ironically, however, I didn’t get to see any of them at the show. They… Continue reading The Asian Cultural Experience

Gainesville Related to Mayberry

Katie Couric interviews ‘runaway bride’ – TV News – Fast Eddie points out the Runaway Bride’s story as broken by Katie Couric. I’m not sure if the interview was tonight or sometime later this week, but I probably won’t see it. I’m only interested in the story so that I can talk intelligently at… Continue reading Gainesville Related to Mayberry

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Later this morning (around 10:00am) we’ll be enjoying the Gainesville parade with the kids at the Quinlan Art Camp. It should be a good time. I don’t think that Balthazar has seen a parade yet. Enjoy your holiday if you get one!

An Early Morning in Canton

We woke up at 4:00am this [Saturday] morning to get to a hot air balloon launch in Canton, GA. Amy thought it would be a great photography opportunity, and none of us had ever seen anything like this in person. I was skepticle that any balloon launch would be at 6:00am, as the advertisement said… Continue reading An Early Morning in Canton

An Artsy Fartsy Weblog: The IF Project

Scott Thigpen has a neat idea running on his blog regarding “The IF Project.” I haven’t read the book of virtually the same title, but I’m interested to do so now. It sounds like it would be a good coffee table book – now to just get a coffee table. “The project is to stir… Continue reading An Artsy Fartsy Weblog: The IF Project

SMS 2003 Health Check Results (Techie)

The health check was more or less a complete success. We didn’t actually have any real problems in our environment, though we were given some performance tuning options to resolve any that *may* arrive later. That said, the single most important piece of information regarding an SMS 2003 engineering task has been this: “The SPN… Continue reading SMS 2003 Health Check Results (Techie)

Spring is Nigh!

From what I’m reading, spring starts earlier now. I missed this fact growing up – perhaps no one cared enough to tell me. But tells us (scientifically) that spring starts no later than March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere. In fact, it actually starts on March 19th for all but the eastern states. There’s… Continue reading Spring is Nigh!

Omnifi is Here!

I got my Omnifi bundle today from I was so eager to get into it that I immediately opened the box and grabbed the documentation to begin reading. I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to play with the parts until much later, so I figured this would satisfy me. This thing is cool!… Continue reading Omnifi is Here!

MadLib Biographies

My friend, Jason D., sent me a chain-letter to fill out and send to a million people for good luck or something. I am against such things, but I like Jason and wish to at least better his luck. Instead of emailing everyone with my MadLib biography, I chose to post it here on my… Continue reading MadLib Biographies

A Digitally Revolutionized Legacy

In association to an article at, I was reminded of a topic I’ve brought up before (with little success in exciting anyone). We’re beginning a new era of the “Digitally Revolutionized Legacy,” but it’s not us – Generation X – as first thought. No, the new era starts with our children. I would say… Continue reading A Digitally Revolutionized Legacy