Costume Parade on Peachtree St.

Wake-up, coffee, parade, lunch. The morning just flew by, but being a drummer in the parade was a blast! We all took a part in it; Fox dancing, Jeff as PeeWee Herman, and Amanda as Ms. Yvonne.

I was able to work with the crowd more this year and give out some nods and smiles as I saw their faces. It doesn’t sound like much, but I find it really hard to do much of anything while I’m improvising on the dumbek.

Fox worked hard to keep up with float *and* entertain the crowd with a spot of performance here and there. It’s hard to walk at parade pace and belly dance. PeeWee and Ms. Yvonne were very unique in their costumes. Definitely an original idea, and one that got a lot of attention!

If you were in the 5th annual DragonCon parade, or an on-looker, leave me a comment with a link to your pictures or video! See you at the con!

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