Dragon*Con 2006: Day 1

Today marks the first day of DragonCon for Amy and I – it’s 2:00am on Saturday, but it was at 7:00am Friday morning when we began. It took us all day Friday to take care of things at home and get to Atlanta where Amy’s photography would be on exhibition in the DragonCon Art Show. She’s been doing it for a number of years now, so it’s no difficult task for her. However, there were some hold-ups at the show during registration that prevented us from actually leaving until much later. Amy had an intern as well, Riley, so it was that much easier to get the stuff in there.

Later that night we took Balthazar over to Amy’s parent’s house and left for DragonCon officially. We had already checked into our hotel, the Marriott Marquis of Atlanta, and planned on riding MARTA to and from the con as needed. It was late-ish already and I wasn’t able to get back in time to help out with a drumming workshop, but I was just in time to grab drums and Jeff from the hotel and head down to the drum circle. Amy stayed back and finished up her dancing costume for the parade later this morning.

I realized then that I hadn’t yet picked up my badge for DragonCon and Jeff left his in the hotel room. We tried to pass on our good looks, but failed that. Having one badge and the Marriott’s room key between us, I proposed that we try our luck with those. So back to the hotel room, collect badge, face the guardians of the Hyatt and beg for entry. Jeff breezed right though with his badge and I feined struggle with my drum and showed them a bit of my Marriott key card. It was enough to convince them and they let me pass! So there we stayed until almost 2:00am and left to get some last-minute beauty sleep before then parade at 10:00am.

Mental Note: Get badge tomorrow…you pre-registered for crying out loud!

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