Pod People

Yesterday, Amy and I spent the whole day doing Chewbacca pictures for the upcoming DragonCon art show. I think this year’s project is going to be really great! Earlier in the morning, I had a doctor’s appointment to attend to. While I was there, I took the opportunity to ask April, the lady I usually see, if I could come by later in my costume and pose with her in a picture. We made the arrangements and I was off to conduct my day. When Amy and I arrived – me dressed completely in the garb – we received a few looks from the rest of the clinic’s staff. It was funny, because everyone was sticking their heads’ out doors to get a peak at this creature walking through the halls. Once to my doctor’s office, we asked for April and told them that she would be expecting me. As we traveled through the corridors to her office, we were greeted with many confused smiles and curious looks. Although it was closing time, there were a few patients among the rooms too. My doctor’s patients are almost entirely over 80 years of age. The old folks seemed to be playing it cool with my arrival. No shrieks or dumb comments – just the occaissional wave. While in the process of gettin gour picture done, a frantic looking woman appeared in the corridor. She asked generally what this was and if it was a joke. When she was satisfied that she was not going to get an answer from anyone else, she came to Amy. She said, “I’m serious – I’m the pod supervisor and I need to know what’s going on.” So what the heck is a pod?!? It’s apparently the name given by the staff to an area surrounding an administrative desk. There can be several of them in an office, this was apparently within this woman’s jurisdiction. Amy gave her the story and told her that we had had permission. At that point, I think April got into a little pod trouble with the supervisor. There was a frustrated inquisition and general dissatisfaction with the answers from the pod-lady. I don’t think April really minded the treatment. She seemed rather satisfied that the pod-lady was taken aback at this uncontrollable situation. It seemed as though she needed something like this all day. Hurray for Chewbacca! Sorry, April, for getting you in some heat with middle management.

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