Prepare to be WoW’d

I have friends that were involved in the World of Warcraft beta. The flimsy descriptions didn’t peak my interest too highly, and I kind of knew that I wouldn’t have time to invest in a MMORPG. I played Ultima Online and EverQuest back in the day. They’re both highly addictive. Fortunately, my wife really enjoyed playing them as well.

So Carlos comes to me yesterday and talks up WoW big time. He’s purchased the game and already joined a guild, of which other people we work with are members. We get into talking about all the dorky stuff that constitutes fun-to-play RPG’s and I’m totally hooked. I knew very little about the game aside from what I had read a long time ago. I go out and buy the game last night at Target and read through the manual. Now David C. is going to get into it (so we believe, anyway), and Andy B. has done the same. Andy took the day off to get a head start – that freak! I haven’t played yet, but I’m really excited about it. I just hope I can manage the nighttime play hours with my early morning wake-up routine. It’s already affecting my vocabulary too. I just offered Carlos the Grail of Wakefulness +1 (coffee).


  1. I would advise extreme caution with respect to WoW. 🙂 It is highly addictive. I’d never played an MMORPG in my life and spent hours on end on this one. My SO (a longtime gamer) introduced me and developed a pretty significant addiction himself.
    Also Scott warned me at the last Flickr stroll that the game scans your hard drive while you play. Supposed to ensure that you don’t try to hack the game, but he wasn’t comfortable with it.

  2. Welcome to the fold… 🙂

    As for the scanning, that’s new. And they aren’t actually scanning. What they’re doing is looking at your current processes. There are a lot of people out there that run hacks, and Blizz is looking for those .exe’s. I don’t agree with it… I don’t think they should. But, I almost never have things my way (except at BK), so I’m over it already. 🙂

  3. Yes. And to clarify. I recently learned that they look only in the directory that the game is running to check for hacks. Not quite so evil-sounding.

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