Technorati to be Assimilated

Niall Kennedy’s blog spoke recently of a rumor regarding Technorati’s sale ‘to a large search company.’ The thought is interesting enough, though not as extraordinary as you might think. The ‘large search company’ would most likely be Google or Yahoo – in that order. Yahoo is certainly trying position itself in the industry as the innovation leader it once was, but simlpy buying up great products in and of itself will not do this. Google, on the other hand, has both developed and purchased some really great products. Google could really use the meta-tag enhancements, so I kind of hope they’re on the line for this. I assume that it would integrate smoothly into their product,, as well. Yahoo’s blog service would likely not benefit as well from a similar enhancement; they’re already doing a lot of their own work in this market. At any rate, it’s a logical step in Technorati’s evolution. I hope that the future works out in everybody’s favor as the purchase did. Picasa also had a great customer track record from the acquisition, but I have no idea how the employees faired.


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