A Day in the Life of Chewbacca

My wife is working on an art project for DragonCon this year. She doesn’t have much time, but her best work is done at the last minute. She has been getting her work into the DragonCon art auction for a few years now and she really loves it. I enjoy seeing her get into these projects because she always has so much fun doing them. It’s not always fun or easy for the people involved, but it’s worth the effort. The pictures are always stupendous. This year (without giving too much away), we’re using the Chewbacca costume Jeff McClure owns. Chewbacca has a life outside of the movies just like everyone else. Wait until you see them! If you’re not planning on going to DragonCon – think again about it. It’s a really fun experience if you enjoy Sci-Fi or fantasy themes. If not, it’s still a lot of fun to watch all those who are.

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