I Wish I Bought Electric

Gas is out of control. I’m waiting for siphoners and car-jackers to rise into the norm. I told my wife to be wary of how she leaves her car in order that she not create an easy target. She locked my car doors for me last night at the house. It’s not something we usually do, but it’s something we’re thinking about now. I’m beginning to equate locations with costs when it comes to driving. For instance, my round-trip drive to work is about $9.00. That adds up when you look at the week, or even the month. I just tacked on $180.00/month to my car payment. Car pooling helps. If you don’t currently car pool, you should seriously find a way to do it. Check out Commuter Rewards for information. They can help you find other car poolers in your area and time frame. I bought my Mazda3 only recently, a compact, but I’m thinking I should have spent the extra money and gotten an electric car.

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