It's like family, only weirder…


Racquettball is one of those sports you can play by yourself and not look like a loner or worse. Solo basketball games make you look a little like a loner, and one-man football just looks plain silly. The hard part about you-on-you games is the score. I’m not exactly sure…Continue Reading

Today’s Lesson

Today’s lesson is this: Walk not into the stinch of defacation. In yonder room of rest lurks your failed dignity. That is, don’t go into the stinky bathroom (especially when you notice it from the hallway) alone. If you happen to be the only one walking in, you will be…Continue Reading

The Incredibles

Amy and I saw The Incredibles last night at the Mall of Georgia. This was a really excellent computer-animated film. If it wasn’t two hours, it was a few minutes longer. The story was very funny; a retired clan of super-heroes is wrenched from their mundane life to wrestle evil…Continue Reading

Tonight We Play!

Halo 2 is out, so of course I’ll be dining on bullets tonight. We’ve put together a nice team of players including some Microsoft folks. I’ll report how it went tomorrow – while blearly-eyed and nodding off at work.

5 New, Flavor-Filled, Sodas

Jones Soda, in their infinite wisdom of cuisine, has developed five new sodas for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you haven’t had one, you should. They’re delicious. However, I have not tasted any of the new holiday flavors, especially “Mashed Potatoes and Butter.” I ate buttered popcorn JellyBellies, so surely I…Continue Reading

MS-DOS 7.10

Now this is a good time! In case FreeDOS wasn’t cool enough for you, now you can get back to the original. I’m digging the 9MB bootable CD w/extra enhancements and a full installer.

T-Shirt Humor

Ed sends a great T-Shirt link to his ex-poultry business associates. Funny stuff. It’s just too bad I didn’t have it when we worked at ConAgra Foods Poultry Group or Pilgrim’s Pride.

Email the Homeless

A homeless man wrote to me the other day to comment on my site. I find this particularly odd that the homeless guy has email *and* browses the web in a non-utilitarian fashion. This particular homeless person knows me and my family, but it brings to light some interesting ideas…Continue Reading

Bonus Room

I have a friend who’s completing a *bonus* room in his house. I’m not too sure about the bonus part, as he pretty much has to do all the work. It’s a neat concept though. I guess I kind of want the bonus house. That would give me ample time…Continue Reading