The Incredibles

Amy and I saw The Incredibles last night at the Mall of Georgia. This was a really excellent computer-animated film. If it wasn’t two hours, it was a few minutes longer. The story was very funny; a retired clan of super-heroes is wrenched from their mundane life to wrestle evil foes once again. The non-super life of Mr. Incredible is especially funny. He’s stuck in the daily drudgery of cube life (much like many of us super-hero geeks). The animation was fantastic, of course. I was especially impressed by the degradation of objects after fires, explosions, and other mishaps. I believe I also noticed that a broadcast showing Mr. Incredible in his early years was done in the over-saturated style of old TV’s and broadcasting technology. If that was the intention, it was really cool. Make you sure you get out see this one.

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