It's like family, only weirder…

Serenity, The Movie

My wife and I watched Serenity Saturday evening. We both really enjoyed the movie. We’ve both seen the first and only season in its entirety, and were saddened to see it cancelled. Despite this, the fans rallied and helped to get a movie made from the TV show. The original…Continue Reading

Big Potatoes, Little Lettuce

Arrrrgh! Today’s woot[!] is a tough one to pass up. Fortunately for me, it was sold out by 7:00am this morning – a time in which I was at the gym. If you don’t keep up with the daily items, you really should. It’s a great way to blow some…Continue Reading

Confucious Says…

Ancient Chinese wisdom (i.e. fortune cookie) says, “There is a true and sincere friendship between you both.” Is that weird to anyone else but me?!?

Ninja Training

That’s it…I’m quitting my job and joining Team Ryouko for proper ninja training. These guys are out of control! I’ve rarely seen such a collection of martial artists as these. Just check out some of their demonstrational videos and discover for yourself who pwns whom – pirates or ninjas. Google…Continue Reading

An Event Apart

I’m really interested in going to “An Event Apart” in Atlanta this year. From what I hear, the conference is pivotal in anyone’s quest for web design excellence. Since it’s in Atlanta, I have a chance to get in this time around. The real problem is the money. Because I’m…Continue Reading

Evil in Nature

The Ampulex compressa, a wasp with a nasty hunting habit, has a particularly devious plan in store for cockroaches. I’m not fond of roaches either, but I’ve never thought to conduct bizarre Frankenstein experiments with them. I’ve read at Boing Boing and The Loom at Corante now about the fascinating…Continue Reading

Chuck Norris Facts

Chuck Norris was every boy’s idol in the 80’s. The dude could take on Vietnam himself without a scratch. Today – Chuck’s legend lives on through the collected facts of decades. A quick search for Chuck Norris facts in Google will give you a ridiculous assortment of information. There are…Continue Reading