First Impressions

My efforts to stay awake and finish my presentation Monday night were thwarted by constant head-nodding. Eventually, I gave up – my copy and paste actions were getting depressingly sloppy – and went to bed. I assumed that by getting to bed at a reasonable hour, I could wake up early and finish the slide… Continue reading First Impressions

Orion’s Omen

This evening we’ve undergone a great storm that swept rather hastily across north Georgia. I have attempted to take some brilliant pictures, but they’re probably all blurry – we’ll see when I’m able to get the camera and its cable together. After the showers, the sky began showing little pockets of clear stars showing through… Continue reading Orion’s Omen

There and Back Again…and There Again

So I get into work this morning at 10-till-7:00am. This would give me plenty of time to work-out and take a shower before I start my day out. Everything is going as planned until I open the rear, driver-side door to get my gym bag. There on my rear, passenger-side seat sits the baby’s car… Continue reading There and Back Again…and There Again

The Epitome of Disgusting Males

We traveled out to my mom’s place, Dancing Goat’s Farm, for the day. There we visited with her and my grandmother and her sister. They’re “refugees of Hurricane Ivan” as Gwen (my grand aunt) put it. At any rate, my mom enlightened us to the behavior of a male goat with a field of female… Continue reading The Epitome of Disgusting Males