Evil Tree (ZoomQuilt)

Matt H. introduced me to the ZoomQuilt project at Evil Tree (great name, but no apparent content). It’s a painting that you’re able to pass into until you eventually loop back around. A bit like traveling through a torus adorned with a seemless mural – you know what I’m talking about…right. Anyway, it’s quite stunning.… Continue reading Evil Tree (ZoomQuilt)

Military-Strength Exfoliator

The ray gun is under development by our military research experts in the Pentagon. The device uses a microwave technology to penetrate just beneath the skin and boil it. Probably a bit like a jellyfish or tattoo experience. I could see that as being an effective deterrence, though a Tesla-like charge of taser energy would… Continue reading Military-Strength Exfoliator

What Brought you Here?

I’ve just tabulated a list of terms people had hoped to learn more about by visiting my site. Here they are to further confuse those searching: “Navistar CXT” “naked men” “scrotal saftey commision” “missile balloons” “Gavin DeGraw” “Gradin” “Doonesberry” “scrotal saftey” It’s interesting to note that people were more interested in a “Scrotal Safety Commission”… Continue reading What Brought you Here?


I’m fairly certain I recall a movie (comedy, I’m guessing) in which the idea of Smell-O-Vision was rekindled. It was in the 80’s, I think. Anyone remember such a show? A quick search brought me the historical facts, which made me laugh. http://web.uflib.ufl.edu/spec/belknap/exhibit2002/smell.htm *UPDATE* My wife was able to tell me the reference came from… Continue reading Smell-O-Vision

Win XP Starter Edition Images

NeoWin.net informs us of a new edition of Windows XP (though I’m certain there were other more official sources), the Starter Edition (SE). SE is an ambiguous cloud of hype that many industries implore. It could be anything from “Second Edition” to “Special Edition” or “Sales Executive.” By maintaining the “SE” non-clarification however, a company… Continue reading Win XP Starter Edition Images

The Hive Group’s Google Search

The Hive Group has created an excellent display of their technology. They’ve integrated their incredible data array handling with Google’s search technology. Together, you get exhaustive searches displayed reasonably (and variably) on one screen. No need to click through multiple pages of Google results!

The Honda Experience

The Honda Element has an unusual aesthetic value about it. I believe the general favor for this vehicle is split between those who love it and those who hate it. Oddly still, that split is probably 50/50. My wife and I coincidentally agree on our view and like the overall design. We’re both mostly utilitarian… Continue reading The Honda Experience