Evil Tree (ZoomQuilt)

Matt H. introduced me to the ZoomQuilt project at Evil Tree (great name, but no apparent content). It’s a painting that you’re able to pass into until you eventually loop back around. A bit like traveling through a torus adorned with a seemless mural – you know what I’m talking about…right. Anyway, it’s quite stunning. Only problem is there’s no conceivable way to translate the piece to a 2D wall-hanging. That is, short of a wall-mounted LCD.

Link: Evil Tree ZoomQuilt

*UPDATE: Turns out this site is no longer online. I did a quick search, but didn’t see a new source for the material. If anyone knows of a mirror or can tell me what happened to The Evil Tree, drop me a message.


  1. Hello, Olaf!!
    Great stuff the Evil Tree, but it’s no longer available on that german link, what a mess!
    I’d like to show it to some friends/relatives, but can’t figure out where I can find it again..
    Would you mind if I ask you to upload to http://www.yousendit.com with my email address, and I will gladly have a copy of such fantastic creation?
    I am not into this field, so be assured that I will never use it for anything besides been delighted by its fun, ok?
    Thnx so much, my compliments to Matt H., have a happy week & keep in touch!!

  2. I too would like a copy of the “evil tree” if I could. I was using it as a screen saver when my computer cought a bug. Real bummer, the evil tree was vary cool.

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