A Drum Circle Arrangement of “Galang”

I’m imagining some possible scenarios where I could lead a drum circle into a sort of performance.  Most facilitated drum circles enter into spontaneous or random rhythms and are then led to compose the music.  I would really like to lead people (sometimes naively) into known songs.  There’s an extra sense of excitement when you realize you’re playing an actual song.  Even if you don’t know the song, being led through a composed set of rhythms is very rewarding!  I spent about 10 minutes this morning and worked out the basic rhythms within M.I.A.’s “Galang.”  It’s a fun piece of music if you haven’t heard it (YouTube link provided below).  My intention in recreating it for a drum circle is not to play the song succinctly, but rather to have all the parts present and accounted for.  When and for how long each part plays is up to the facilitator.  If the groove is held well, someone could play the voice part through a solo drum!

Drum Circle Arrangement, Galang: [media id=7 height=20px]

M.I.A., Galang (emebedding not allowed)


  1. I wish it was recorded live. No, it’s what I worked up in Percussion Studio. It’s simple enough (the individual parts), so there shouldn’t be a problem with recording it live some day. That is, of course, as long as everyone can count 2 and 4 measures consistently. Always a difficulty with us, eh?!?

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