Lost and Found: 1 Grecian ‘Stache

Yanni, ThenYanni, Now

All of you will surely recognize the man on the left.  His biblical image comes at you in all of its hair and puffy-shirtness like a thunder clap.  Yanni stands as the hairiest, women-loving man I know [of]…though Hugh Jackman must be at the top of this game too!  And on his right is the much subdued version of the eighties visage, also Yanni.  When did this happen?  No ‘stache to whisper its childhood stories to concert viewers.  No curly locks of Grecian do to reveal the arcane secrets of musical composition.  It’s a transitive state of Yanni’s image much in the same way we all saw Metallica shed their fettered styles of 80’s heavy metal.

So Yanni will be coming to Duluth in April at the Gwinnett thingy (Arena, perhaps?).  I know most of my known world will simply abuse me verbally for going to a Yanni concert (which will actually be my third or fourth), but I couldn’t give a crap.  If you’ve never seen one of these concerts, you really don’t know what you’re missing.  It’s a phenomenal appreciation of the musical arts, internationally complete.  I suppose many of you only like your music for its pop artist front [wo]man, but I really enjoy the instrumental musicality of it all.  I would compare what Yanni conducts on his stages to that of the Cirque du Soleil band (on a small scale) and Dream Theater / Liquid Tension Experiment.  You could draw comparisons with Phish and Wide Spread Panic.  All of these bands have two things in common: they’re killer jam bands and composed of some very talented musicians.

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  1. Verbal Abuse? What sort of friends do you have anyways? Hey, everyone has their ‘thing.’ Yours just happens to be Yanni. (Luckily you have a wife and two children so your manhood can’t be called into question.) Sorry, I couldn’t resist. No, have fun really. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, I have a ‘thing’ for Vin Diesel movies.

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